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THANK YOU BILLINGS!! 2017 was amazing!

To all of you who were able to give to the Phase 2 project in 2017, you made a HUGE difference!

We had a great year.  We watched films, listened to music, drank beer and wine, snacked on Swedish Fish and popcorn….and raised a ton of money.
You guys, we are blown away!

Here are some Phase 2 statistics:
*We raised over $90,000 in donations alone over the course of 2017!
*$55,000 of those donations were made in November and December 2017 alone!
*241 people have given to Phase 2 since our launch (and that’s not including all you lovely people who have given
tips in the theater or ‘dipped’ in our DipJar!)
*32 of those people are giving monthly!
*Since launching the Phase 2 Capital Campaign, we have taken in nearly $125,000 in donations alone!


WOW!!! Billings, you are incredible!


BUT WAIT! That’s not all!
Since launching our campaign in the fall of 2016, we have also been rewarded $350,000 in TIF funds and received a very generous pledge of $200,000!
So…that means we have raised $675,000 for Phase 2 so far!

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for our many amazing supporters.  Whether you were able to give monetarily or by becoming a member of the theater, or by telling your friends about Art House, sharing our Facebook post, seeing a film here and there, devouring our delicious popcorn, sipping our wine, or chugging our beer…..WE ARE THANKFUL.

Billings, you make us feel all the feels.