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Phase 2 Update -October 2019

As we move along with our Phase 2 Capital Campaign, we are excited to share that we are in the construction document phase! Those documents will be finalized this fall and we plan to start the bidding process in December, followed by a hopeful ground breaking in early 2020! 

Since are getting so close to Phase 2 becoming a reality, we figured it was time to make sure all of our amazing donors get the recognition they desire and so deeply deserve! If you are one of those donors who has given $250 or more, you recently received a letter inviting you to take part in our 2019 giving opportunity, called the Round-Up Campaign. This is a time for our donors to “round up” their donation to the next incentive. So whether you decide to round up from having your name on a seat to having your name prominently displayed on one of our donor walls, you will have the chance to be recognized the way you desire. Below are the giving incentives.

Of course these incentives are available for everyone! If you haven’t donated before or you have given less than $250, you can still get your name on a seat in one or our future screening rooms, or on one of our donor walls. You can easily donate through our Facebook or here on our website! Better yet, just click HERE!

We have great plans for our ‘Donor Walls’ and can’t wait to see your names on those walls and our future theater seats.

3D Render – Possible look for Donor Walls

As we look towards the finish line, we are working hard to meet our grant funding and gifts in kind goals. We continue to see donations come in to help close the last gap of our fundraising.  We know there are people out there who are still learning about our vision and our plans who will help us hit our goal of raising $100,000 in gifts/donations in 2019. 

So while we have had a great start towards our 2019 goal, we hope you consider us in your year end giving and help us finish strong! 

A note for donors: We plan to reach out to donors in the spring to finalize incentives, so don’t worry….if you decide to stay at the level you are at, or round up, we got you! We’ll make sure your name is displayed EXACTLY how you want!