Phase 2 Update

Here we are, almost to October, and we at Art House are excited to share what we have been up to regarding Phase 2!

In June, we announced that Singh Contracting has pledged to MATCH all 2018 donations up to $200,000, and we have seen some amazing support!
So far this year, we have raised $65,000! We have raised 1/3 of our goal!!

While that is AWESOME, we have a ways to go!
So, if you haven’t joined the #SinghChallenge, we hope you do! It’s easy, and we even offer monthly recurring donations, so you don’t even have to think about it! Head to and click DONATE!

On top of our #SinghChallenge, we have an amazing event coming up that you NEED to be part of!
It’s called 3 Course Conversation and we are honored to have three talented chefs each offering a delicious course, paired with wine from George’s Distributing and short film!
Tickets are $65 each and we are only offering 60!!! And they are flying out the door, so make sure to get yours today!


Over the course of the next month, we will converting all of our donor info and our giving portal to a new system!
We are very excited for the improved experience we as a staff, as well as you, the customer/donor will receive!
But that means that if you are a MONTHLY DONOR, we will need to get you set up with our new system and cancel your current recurring donation.  You will receive information via email about this, so be on the look out!

WHEW!! That was a lot, but we have SO much going on! This was just the Phase 2 stuff….as you know we have a lot coming up with holiday entertainment and the Babcock! Keep watching our Facebook and website for events and new info!


Have you joined the #SinghChallenge?

One month into the Singh Challenge and we are “Singhing” praises to all our amazing supporters!!

In June, we announced that Singh Contracting has pledged $200,000 towards our Phase 2 project! We are overwhelmed with gratitude!
Here’s the deal though….we need to raise $200,000 in 2018 before we receive this generous donation.
We already had $30,000 in the books, which is a great start, but only a start…

So we asked you, Billings, to help!
And we are thrilled to say that after one month, we have raised over $10,000! (or $20,000…wink, wink)

We are so very thankful! We have a road ahead of us, but we are getting there all because of you!

Please consider giving at this exciting time and help make Phase 2 happen faster!
Head to our website: and hit DONATE.



Help us bring your more great film, art, and culture by joining the #SinghChallenge

Thank you for joining the Art House Story, we are honored to have you!


The Singh Challenge!

Be now you may have heard our exciting news….but if you haven’t (and because we can’t stop saying it)….




We are overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement!

Here is a link to the Billings Gazette article if you missed it:

BUT there’s one thing:

Singh Contracting would like to see us RAISE $200,000 before we receive the pledge.
We can do that, right? With your help, YES we can!

We are calling it the Singh Challenge and here’s the deal:

Every dollar we raise for Phase 2 in 2018 will be matched!

And you might be thinking….but it’s almost July….so does that mean what I think it means??


We have a $40,000 head start! That’s right, we have raised over $40,000 so far this year!

While that is great headway, we still have more to go. So we are asking YOU to help!

Will you join the Singh Challenge and give?

You can make a one time gift or sign up for recurring gifts
(monthly gifts make a HUGE difference, but are easier on the budget)

Simply click HERE and fill our our simple and safe form.

*If you want to learn more about Phase 2 and why it’s such a big deal for our amazing city, especially downtown, click HERE and we’ll show you.

A huge THANK YOU to Singh Contracting for your generosity and support of the Art House vision.

Thank you to the Billings Gazette for sharing our story!

What’s been going on around Art House?

Good Question!

We have had a great first few months around here! We started off our year with a fabulous event at the Babcock with Mr. Bill Pullman and Mr. Jared Moshe. We partied like film stars at our VIP Oscars Event in early March and most recently celebrated our 3rd Birthday!!

We are having a blast!

Our Phase 2 capital campaign is still in full swing.
We are working our way through grant proposals and busy planning out what the rest of 2018 will look like.

To date we have raised $140,000 in donation gifts, $200,000 in pledges, and $350,000 through TIF funding.  That is a total of $690,000!

We are so excited and so grateful to all of our supporters.  We hope to see even more donors and monthly donors, business supporters, and grant funds come in throughout this year in order to break ground on construction early next year!

So, be on the look out for some fabulous pint aide events at local breweries, unique events at Art House, and some other surprise events!
2018 is shaping up to be a great year!

*For more information on how you can go to the movies for free and get on the guest list for our VIP events, head HERE!

*To give to PHASE 2, just click HERE!
Remember, your donations are tax deductible and we have some awesome incentives for you – our way of saying         thank you for your donation to your local-independent-nonprofit-film theater!

Thank you Billings for watching films, becoming members, giving gifts, and partying with us!

THANK YOU BILLINGS!! 2017 was amazing!

To all of you who were able to give to the Phase 2 project in 2017, you made a HUGE difference!

We had a great year.  We watched films, listened to music, drank beer and wine, snacked on Swedish Fish and popcorn….and raised a ton of money.
You guys, we are blown away!

Here are some Phase 2 statistics:
*We raised over $90,000 in donations alone over the course of 2017!
*$55,000 of those donations were made in November and December 2017 alone!
*241 people have given to Phase 2 since our launch (and that’s not including all you lovely people who have given
tips in the theater or ‘dipped’ in our DipJar!)
*32 of those people are giving monthly!
*Since launching the Phase 2 Capital Campaign, we have taken in nearly $125,000 in donations alone!


WOW!!! Billings, you are incredible!


BUT WAIT! That’s not all!
Since launching our campaign in the fall of 2016, we have also been rewarded $350,000 in TIF funds and received a very generous pledge of $200,000!
So…that means we have raised $675,000 for Phase 2 so far!

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for our many amazing supporters.  Whether you were able to give monetarily or by becoming a member of the theater, or by telling your friends about Art House, sharing our Facebook post, seeing a film here and there, devouring our delicious popcorn, sipping our wine, or chugging our beer…..WE ARE THANKFUL.

Billings, you make us feel all the feels.

Corby’s Story

Hello Art House Followers!

As we continue on our Phase 2 journey, let’s here from Corby! He is a art and film lover, a believer in downtown and a supporter of Art House. Thanks Corby for your love and support!

If you want to join Corby and the many other Art House donors, please click DONATE in the upper right hand corner of this page. Thanks!

Sam’s Story

You’ve heard of Art House.  You’ve heard about our Phase 2 project.  You come for films or you plan to soon.  But why is it all important? There are dozens of reasons why we think you should join the Art House/Phase 2 story.  But we figure, why should we do all the talking?
Today we are going to hear from Sam.  He is a film lover, a downtown supporter, and an Art House donor.
Click to hear his story:


How much have we raised for Phase 2 so far?

Last November, we set out to raise $2.1 Million to expand our theater.  The expansion includes adding food, 3 screens, a redesigned pub space, being open 7 days a week, and more giving back to our arts community!

We were rewarded a $350,000 reimbursement TIF from the city and have received gifts and pledges from many of you!  We have enjoyed some fabulous events and have been working hard to reach our goals.
But you are probably wondering how we are doing in all of this fundraising!?


We are happy to report that we have raised 20% of our goal so far! This includes gifts and pledges, as well as the TIF from the city.

We still have a ways to go, but we are just getting started!

We are a nonprofit organization with a goal to give back to our community.  Art House is a place where people can gather and enjoy a film that stirs thought and conversation.  Films that make us think.  Films that allow us to connect with other people.  We do film festivals, events of all kinds, concerts. And we want to do more.  More great film, art, and culture.  But we can’t do it alone.


We need people who want great things for downtown Billings and who want to see it thrive!  We need people who love connecting with other people.  We need people who love supporting the arts – because we love supporting the arts!

So maybe you’re a film buff.  Maybe you’re an artist.  A musician.  A painter.  A performer.  Maybe someone you know loves the arts.  Maybe you just want to see downtown Billings continue to be a place that brings people together.  Or maybe you are really none of those things but you just love having something interesting and fun to do on the weekends.  Whatever you are, whatever you love, let it show through your support of Art House.

Will you join the Phase 2 story and consider giving?  Whether it’s a one time gift or monthly gifts, it all makes a huge difference!
Click the DONATE button here at the top of our web page and help us reach our goals and make a difference in your city! Thank you!!
All donations are tax deductible.  We will provide a year end statement.

Phase 2 Update

Hello Art House supporters and friends!

It’s been a while since we have updated you on the happenings of Phase 2!

Recently we brought you a fabulous Phase 2 Presents Event; 100 Words Film Festival.  We had a great time dining with friends while enjoying 18 short films with exactly 100 words in each.  We so enjoyed our time with those of you who could make it down.  And we missed those of you who couldn’t be there!

That night, we asked for people to join the Phase 2 story.  The story of what Phase 2 is all about and what it will mean for Billings.  We had a handful of wonderful donors step up and give.  Some gave a one time gift and some committed to a monthly gift.  Gifts were given at different levels and those who gave will receive their name on a future seat in a new theater, their name on our future Cast Wall, or even have their name on our Assoc. Producer Wall.
It was AMAZING to see people step up and give.  We really felt the love and we are so appreciative!

We are excited to announce that we raised over $15,000 in donations and earnings that night!
So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support and love.
If you were unable to attend our latest Phase 2 Presents Event, don’t worry…there will be another…because our story isn’t over.

Art House is a nonprofit organization with a mission to stir great conversation through film, art, and culture.  We are committed to giving back to our arts community and the great things happening in Billings.
If you want to see more great art and culture in our city, give to Art House.  Your donation means more than you think.  Once Phase 2 is a reality, we have budgeted to give $25,000 annually to artists and art programs around our city!  But we need your help.
Head to to donate. Your donation is tax deductible.
Stay tuned for more about Phase 2 and our heart to see more great film, art, and culture in Billings.

Phase 2 making progress!

We are a HUGE step closer to seeing Art House Phase 2 become a reality!  With the City Council’s decision to support our project with $350,000 in TIF reimbursement we feel the support of our city and we couldn’t be more proud.  Thank you City Council and thank you Billings!

If you missed the article:…/billings-art-house-cinema-pubs-phase-…

Can you help us raise the funds we need?  Can you spare $10 a month?  Maybe $20 a month?  All you have to do is hit the Donate tab at the top of this page to join the Art House story and make an impact!

What if you can’t spare any extra funds but want to help Art House?  Or maybe you are already giving what you can and STILL want to do more? Get this….YOU CAN!!  Head to our Facebook page and scroll down until you reach “Create A Fundraiser”.  It’s a way for you to raise funds for us without the stress of stretching your pocket book too thin!

We so appreciate all of our donors and supporters!  We look forward to what is coming next!  And we are still working on purchasing the building with hopes of that goal being reached by October.