In case you missed the news….

Here at Art House, we wanted to start 2018 with a BANG…and that’s just what we did.

If you were able to join us for our special event at The Historic Babcock Theater on January 23, 2018, you’re probably still telling your friends about it.

We had a FABULOUS time watching The Ballad of Lefty Brown, staring Bill Pullman!  Then we were honored to engage in a Q&A after the film with
Mr. Pullman, as well as the Director of the film, Jared Moshe.  The Ballad of Lefty Brown was filmed right here in Montana.

We are so grateful that 700 of you were able to join us for this event at the Babcock.

Copyright 2017 Kenneth Jarecke

Check out the what the Billings Gazette and KTVQ had to say about that special night:

Thank you, Billings, for continuing to show your support of Art House Cinema & Pub!

Judy’s Story

You might already know Art House. You come for films or you plan to soon. You might have already heard about our Phase 2 project. But why is it all important?
There are dozens of reasons why we think you should join the Art House/Phase 2 story. But we figure, why should we do all the talking?
This is the fabulous Judy. She is a film lover, an Art House volunteer and a monthly Phase 2 donor. We love her enthusiasm and her passion for great things for Billings! Thanks Judy!