We are adapting to the new normal in this COVID world...

Art House Cinema is committed to making sure our facilities are safe for our patrons as well as the staff here to serve you.

With our reopen at both Art House Cinema & Pub and The Babcock Theatre, we will continue to adhere to all required provisions from our health officers, and we ask that those that attend films be mindful of the safety of other moviegoers and staff members.

Our facilities will have visible signage to inform you of the processes and procedures to help you adhere to our current safety measures.

Other safety measures we have implemented at this time include:

• We have installed plexiglass screens at our counters.

Popcorn toppings will no longer be self-serve, we will have staff applying toppings for customers at this time.

• We are increasing the cleaning of all frequently touched areas, including restroom facilities.

• We are limiting the number of screenings per day allowing more time to clean between screenings.

• We have added signage and floor markings to help encourage social distancing.

• We have designated entry and exit points in the theaters to maximize the flow of patrons in a safe manner.

• Our staff will be required to wear masks during their shift and to wash hands frequently.

All attendees are asked to wear protective face covering. Please keep masks on until you are seated, and please put them on again any time you are out of your seat for restrooms or returning to the concession counter. A limited number of masks will be made available for those unable to supply their own.