Matt's Quarantine Picks

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dir. Yorgos Lanthimos

R | 2015 | IRELAND | 119 MIN

(Available to stream now on Netflix)

This was one of my first “Art House Cinema & Pub Favorites."  I think it’s hilarious and deserves multiple viewings as every time I watch it I laugh, learn new things and am intrigued at it’s subtle commentary and satire on relationship culture in our world.


dir. Jonathan Glazer

R | 2013 | UK | 108 MIN

(Available to stream now on Netflix)

While this film might not be for everyone, it was a powerful first (and second) viewing for me.  It’s slow and takes time to get there, but the way it challenges the concept of beauty and acceptance left a mark on me.  If you’d like to understand more on why I love this film there’s a great synopsis and analysis here.


Created by Michael Schur

TV-PG | 2016-20 | USA

(Available to stream now on Netflix)

As someone who enjoys more philosophical stories, this is a TV show that dives deep into philosophy and religion.  It’s soooooo funny and works beautifully to introduce deeper concepts on what it means to be “good”. It beautifully rides the line of goofball comedy and deep thinking dialogue.  Don’t miss it!


Created by Greg Daniels & Michael Schur

TV-14 | 2009-15 | USA

(Available to stream now on Netflix)

In a time when the government seems broken (independent of what side you find yourself on), this show introduces a cast of characters so lovable you can’t help but root for them.  It’s not only funny, but a great look into local politics. While everything is over the top, it encourages me to be as engaged in my local community as much as possible. PRO TIP:  Feel free to skip season 1. It’s a shakier season as they were still figuring many things out. You won’t miss much and can jump in right at Season 2.


dir. Christopher McQuarrie

PG-13 | 2018 | USA | 147 MIN

(Available to stream now on Amazon Prime)

One of the best action films in the last couple decades.  While the story might not be the most interesting for everyone, the action set pieces deserve multiple viewings.  This is action done right as many of what you see on screen was filmed in real life! It’s good for your heart to give it a good racing every once in a while...right?!


dir. Michael Showalter

R | 2017 | USA | 120 MIN

(Available to stream now on Amazon Prime)

As someone that fell in love with Kumail Nanjiani in the show “Silicon Valley”, it was great to watch him shine bright in this film starring and written by him and his wife.  It’s based on their true courtship and is hilarious. This is a rom-com that hits all the marks for me.


dir. Jonathan Frakes

PG-13 | 1996 | USA | 111 MIN

(Available to stream now on Amazon Prime)

Two things happened for me every Saturday night as a kid (whether I wanted them to or not).  1. We needed to get a good sleep as we had church the following morning. 2. We watched Star Trek: The Next Generation as a whole family.  Star Trek is in my blood and I won’t shy away from it. This film is a great entry in the series with its Star Trek wit, intense action, and great time travel premise.  Jean-Luc Picard will always be my captain.


dir. Boots Riley

R | 2018 | USA | 112 MIN

(Available to stream now on Hulu)

This film takes twists and turns I never saw coming, but ultimately I laughed out loud multiple times as the cast is spot on, the story is bonkers, and it all has a hint of reality sprinkled in it.


dir. David & Nathan Zellner

R | 2018 | USA | 113 MIN

(Available to stream now on Hulu)

I’m so sad more people didn’t see this film when we had it at Art House when it came out in 2018.  Robert Pattinson continues to be one of my favorite actors in his portrayal of this western “turned upside down”.  It’s quirky, funny, and was the perfect film for me right after my daughter was born.


dir. Charles Chaplin

G | 2019 | USA | 93 MIN

(Available to stream now on Hulu)

I know about the Apollo 11 moon landing.  I’ve seen the footage. I’ve read about what it took place to pull of.  However, seeing it on the big screen with this incredible score behind it brought me to tears.  This film was so powerful for me. I walked out of the theater simultaneously encouraged and challenged to see what can happen when we work together towards the impossible.  Humanity is capable of so much.