Phase 2 Update

Here we are, almost to October, and we at Art House are excited to share what we have been up to regarding Phase 2!

In June, we announced that Singh Contracting has pledged to MATCH all 2018 donations up to $200,000, and we have seen some amazing support!
So far this year, we have raised $65,000! We have raised 1/3 of our goal!!

While that is AWESOME, we have a ways to go!
So, if you haven’t joined the #SinghChallenge, we hope you do! It’s easy, and we even offer monthly recurring donations, so you don’t even have to think about it! Head to and click DONATE!

On top of our #SinghChallenge, we have an amazing event coming up that you NEED to be part of!
It’s called 3 Course Conversation and we are honored to have three talented chefs each offering a delicious course, paired with wine from George’s Distributing and short film!
Tickets are $65 each and we are only offering 60!!! And they are flying out the door, so make sure to get yours today!


Over the course of the next month, we will converting all of our donor info and our giving portal to a new system!
We are very excited for the improved experience we as a staff, as well as you, the customer/donor will receive!
But that means that if you are a MONTHLY DONOR, we will need to get you set up with our new system and cancel your current recurring donation.  You will receive information via email about this, so be on the look out!

WHEW!! That was a lot, but we have SO much going on! This was just the Phase 2 stuff….as you know we have a lot coming up with holiday entertainment and the Babcock! Keep watching our Facebook and website for events and new info!


About the Author

Nicole is the Phase 2 Director here at Art House. She is married to Andy and they have 2 kids. Her favorite thing about Art House watching how the theater truly brings people together and offers a space us to connect with one another.