Phase 2 Update

Hello Art House supporters and friends!

It’s been a while since we have updated you on the happenings of Phase 2!

Recently we brought you a fabulous Phase 2 Presents Event; 100 Words Film Festival.  We had a great time dining with friends while enjoying 18 short films with exactly 100 words in each.  We so enjoyed our time with those of you who could make it down.  And we missed those of you who couldn’t be there!

That night, we asked for people to join the Phase 2 story.  The story of what Phase 2 is all about and what it will mean for Billings.  We had a handful of wonderful donors step up and give.  Some gave a one time gift and some committed to a monthly gift.  Gifts were given at different levels and those who gave will receive their name on a future seat in a new theater, their name on our future Cast Wall, or even have their name on our Assoc. Producer Wall.
It was AMAZING to see people step up and give.  We really felt the love and we are so appreciative!

We are excited to announce that we raised over $15,000 in donations and earnings that night!
So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support and love.
If you were unable to attend our latest Phase 2 Presents Event, don’t worry…there will be another…because our story isn’t over.

Art House is a nonprofit organization with a mission to stir great conversation through film, art, and culture.  We are committed to giving back to our arts community and the great things happening in Billings.
If you want to see more great art and culture in our city, give to Art House.  Your donation means more than you think.  Once Phase 2 is a reality, we have budgeted to give $25,000 annually to artists and art programs around our city!  But we need your help.
Head to to donate. Your donation is tax deductible.
Stay tuned for more about Phase 2 and our heart to see more great film, art, and culture in Billings.

About the Author

Nicole is the Phase 2 Director here at Art House. She is married to Andy and they have 2 kids. Her favorite thing about Art House watching how the theater truly brings people together and offers a space us to connect with one another.