Everything that Art House has been and done up to this point has simply been a “beta testing” for what’s to come.

“Phase 1” currently only inhabits the front corner of the building.

We’ve loved this quaint little space, but, as you can see, there’s a lot of open room in the building for us to fulfill our grander vision.

While Phase 1 is great...

Art House is more than just one small room.  Art House is a building.  We want to leverage every square foot of the G&W Building for the sake of film, art, and culture.

The first step of Phase 2 is purchasing the historic G&W building where our current theater inhabits the front corner.  As we desire to expand and utilize the majority of building owning the building makes the most sense.




The total cost for Phase 2 including purchasing the building, renovating and updating the space, and purchasing all the equipment needed is 2.1 million dollars.

OUR CURRENT GOAL = $500,000 in tax deductible financial gifts.

As you can see we have multiple funding avenues that we are pursuing in this process.

The biggest challenge that we’re looking for your help in is committing whatever you can to help us reach our goal of $500,000 in financial gifts.

To reach this goal not only helps in funding Phase 2, but these funds are the life blood for securing funding from other avenues as well (grants, loans, etc.).

We're hopeful in our vision as the Art House story so far has been many people stepping up with what they have to help us serve our city.​