Art House is proud to be the fiscal sponsor for this home-grown documentary film effort. “Return” is a feature-length documentary film telling the story of a Montana Vietnam veteran as he returns to the country for the first time since the war, tells many of his stories for the first time, and confronts issues stemming from Post-Traumatic Stress disorder.


This local storytelling effort seeks to show all veterans that their stories are valued, offer insight and education on living with PTSD, and offer a window to the fascinating, wonderful country that Vietnam is.

Your donations to this project, just like all Art House donations, are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

Helping get this project funded is part of Art House’s mission to cultivate local storytelling efforts.

The film features retired Green Beret Jim Markel, Sr. and his son, Jim Markel, Jr. The film is being produced by Beartooth Films, a collaboration between two local journalists & filmmakers: Peter Tolton and Stan Parker.

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