THANK YOU BILLINGS!! 2017 was amazing!

To all of you who were able to give to the Phase 2 project in 2017, you made a HUGE difference!

We had a great year.  We watched films, listened to music, drank beer and wine, snacked on Swedish Fish and popcorn….and raised a ton of money.
You guys, we are blown away!

Here are some Phase 2 statistics:
*We raised over $90,000 in donations alone over the course of 2017!
*$55,000 of those donations were made in November and December 2017 alone!
*241 people have given to Phase 2 since our launch (and that’s not including all you lovely people who have given
tips in the theater or ‘dipped’ in our DipJar!)
*32 of those people are giving monthly!
*Since launching the Phase 2 Capital Campaign, we have taken in nearly $125,000 in donations alone!


WOW!!! Billings, you are incredible!


BUT WAIT! That’s not all!
Since launching our campaign in the fall of 2016, we have also been rewarded $350,000 in TIF funds and received a very generous pledge of $200,000!
So…that means we have raised $675,000 for Phase 2 so far!

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for our many amazing supporters.  Whether you were able to give monetarily or by becoming a member of the theater, or by telling your friends about Art House, sharing our Facebook post, seeing a film here and there, devouring our delicious popcorn, sipping our wine, or chugging our beer…..WE ARE THANKFUL.

Billings, you make us feel all the feels.

About the Author

Nicole is the Phase 2 Director here at Art House. She is married to Andy and they have 2 kids. Her favorite thing about Art House watching how the theater truly brings people together and offers a space us to connect with one another.