The Singh Challenge!

Be now you may have heard our exciting news….but if you haven’t (and because we can’t stop saying it)….




We are overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement!

Here is a link to the Billings Gazette article if you missed it:

BUT there’s one thing:

Singh Contracting would like to see us RAISE $200,000 before we receive the pledge.
We can do that, right? With your help, YES we can!

We are calling it the Singh Challenge and here’s the deal:

Every dollar we raise for Phase 2 in 2018 will be matched!

And you might be thinking….but it’s almost July….so does that mean what I think it means??


We have a $40,000 head start! That’s right, we have raised over $40,000 so far this year!

While that is great headway, we still have more to go. So we are asking YOU to help!

Will you join the Singh Challenge and give?

You can make a one time gift or sign up for recurring gifts
(monthly gifts make a HUGE difference, but are easier on the budget)

Simply click HERE and fill our our simple and safe form.

*If you want to learn more about Phase 2 and why it’s such a big deal for our amazing city, especially downtown, click HERE and we’ll show you.

A huge THANK YOU to Singh Contracting for your generosity and support of the Art House vision.

Thank you to the Billings Gazette for sharing our story!

About the Author

Nicole is the Phase 2 Director here at Art House. She is married to Andy and they have 2 kids. Her favorite thing about Art House watching how the theater truly brings people together and offers a space us to connect with one another.