What’s been going on around Art House?

Good Question!

We have had a great first few months around here! We started off our year with a fabulous event at the Babcock with Mr. Bill Pullman and Mr. Jared Moshe. We partied like film stars at our VIP Oscars Event in early March and most recently celebrated our 3rd Birthday!!

We are having a blast!

Our Phase 2 capital campaign is still in full swing.
We are working our way through grant proposals and busy planning out what the rest of 2018 will look like.

To date we have raised $140,000 in donation gifts, $200,000 in pledges, and $350,000 through TIF funding.  That is a total of $690,000!

We are so excited and so grateful to all of our supporters.  We hope to see even more donors and monthly donors, business supporters, and grant funds come in throughout this year in order to break ground on construction early next year!

So, be on the look out for some fabulous pint aide events at local breweries, unique events at Art House, and some other surprise events!
2018 is shaping up to be a great year!

*For more information on how you can go to the movies for free and get on the guest list for our VIP events, head HERE!

*To give to PHASE 2, just click HERE!
Remember, your donations are tax deductible and we have some awesome incentives for you – our way of saying         thank you for your donation to your local-independent-nonprofit-film theater!

Thank you Billings for watching films, becoming members, giving gifts, and partying with us!

About the Author

Nicole is the Phase 2 Director here at Art House. She is married to Andy and they have 2 kids. Her favorite thing about Art House watching how the theater truly brings people together and offers a space us to connect with one another.