Please note:

This film is rated NC-17!

August 27th • 9PM | Late Night at The Babcock Theatre

God have mercy on us!

For one night only, John Water's most controversial film Pink Flamingos comes to the Babcock for those daring enough to attend!  An exercise in poor taste, this film was made to push boundaries with every imaginable (and some no one could ever imagine) forms of degenerate and foul behavior as a sleezy married couple attempts to dethrone the underground criminal Divine from the title of Filthiest Person Alive! Celebrate 50 years of the proudly profane Midnight Movie cult sensation!

Nothing is as shocking as Pink Flamingos. Nothing is as grotesque as Pink Flamingos. Nothing is as funny as Pink Flamingos. Nothing is as American as Pink Flamingos. Nothing compares to Pink Flamingos!